Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. Notice them.




The celebration of two people committing to each other is a sacred event that often requires a significant investment of your time and effort. What a perfect opportunity to have the events of the day captured as it all comes together. Whatever the nature or magnitude of your ceremony I will be happy to make these memories last a lifetime. My unobtrusive approach and whisper-quiet gear will let you focus on what is important without me ever being in the way.

I pride myself in accommodating your unique requirements with various packages thoughtfully structured in order to bring the final product within your expectations and your reach.

Wedding bookings are now open for 2018 & 2019


Three very different approaches in which to be photographed outside the onus of a specific occasion. Whether it is of a family, individuals, couples, children or pets, all can be captured according to your taste.

Portraiture calls for the controlled environment of the studio where lighting and stance is tweaked to get a more traditional, posed set of photos. Although you can expect frequent direction from me, there are no hard and fast rules of how this should be done and I am always open to cater for your individual needs within the confines of the studio.

The Outdoor approach will see you invited to a specially chosen location where you can relax and enjoy the site and each other, being free to move and interact as you choose. Any direction from me is occasional and very subtle so as to produce a set of photos with an organic and genuine feel of character and cohesion.

Your home is an extension of yourself. A personal place of both work and reflection where your personality is made visible to those you invite in. Be as disarmed and natural as you always are in your space while I unobtrusively capture intimate memories of the members of your household as they play out. The Lifestyle approach makes for remarkable photos that you will cherish forever.

Lifestyle, Outdoor & Portrait bookings are now open for 2018 & 2019


Pretty soon you will miss your round tummy and you want to capture this first part of your journey. Whether you want to do it alone, with your partner or the whole family, I will make your Maternity shoot an enjoyable experience that gives your femininity the centre stage in a set of elegant photos that shows your excitement over the next step of motherhood.

Your newborn baby draws you in so close that your world exists of little else than their perfection and your wonderment. These are magical first days where time stands still as your baby has not yet fully awoken to their new surroundings and the demands of parenthood has not yet started to take its toll on you. Your pride is indescribable and uncontainable and must be shared lest you burst at the seams. Yet these enchanting days are all too fleeting and the only way to freeze it in time is to photograph your baby dressed and posed in a way that radiates all the cuteness and charm that you see in them.

Only a mother can relate to the flood of emotions you have for your baby and my passion to translate this into images has driven me to become exceptional at capturing your love of your baby. My ever expanding range of thoughtfully chosen props are handmade of the highest quality fabrics and textures. With experience and patience I will dress your baby in exquisite taste and pose them in a way that they find comfortable. I strive to make you feel at ease with the process and do not put the pressure of time limits on you. The best time to do a Newborn session is within their first four weeks, but I am experienced in working with older babies and am always up for a challenge.

Second best to having your birthing photographed is the Fresh 48 option where I visit you in hospital or at home within forty eight hours of the birth. Done in a relaxed, non-directed way you can have a range of photos depicting everything from those first intimate hours with your baby to documenting family introductions.

Newborn bookings are now open for 2018 & 2019


White is both the absence of colour and the presence of all colours. A Milkbath session explores these conflicting perspectives and results in an elegant portrayal of inner and outer beauty. A comfortable veil of milk and fresh flowers accentuate the prominence of your motherhood while a personal and understanding approach creates a relaxed atmosphere that captures your radiance. This refreshing and surprisingly empowering experience will have you emerge to the most exquisite images that you will ever have of your expectant self.

It is hard to come across a more angelic look than that of your baby in a tiny tub of milk. A wide variety of tasteful headbands and wraps transforms your little one into a saintly cherub of pure innocence. Images such as these may prove vital in the trying times they most surely will provide you with.

Milkbath bookings are now open for 2018 & 2019

Life is short, make an investment to capture your memories.

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